Parkway PL240C

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Parkway Model PL240C High Power Tone Test Set The Parkway PL240C contains a Tone Generator, Continuity Tester, and Talk Circuitry & battery in a small case. Test connections are made via alligator clips and modular plug. This set can be used for pair ID and line trouble shooting, and unlike many other small tone sets, it also has the tone power to be useful in many miles of long loops. The set can be used with virtually all types of tone detecting devices...probes, coils,..etc. An LED lamp indicates continuity. The set also contains talk circuitry with talk battery. 


- Tone Frequency - 570Hz & 820Hz (+/- 10%) alternating at a 12Hz rate 
- Tone Output - 17V peak to peak, into an open pair
- Tone Power Output - +19dBm into a 600 ohm load
- LED indicates opens, shorts, and tip/ring polarity
- Continuity Testing via an LED
- Built-in Talk Circuit
- Talk Power - 9V
- Uses 2 standard 9V batteries (included)
- Uses 2 single point alligator clips
- Construction - heavy gauge aluminum
- Size - 4.5" x 2.5" x 1.25"
- Weight - 1lb (with batteries installed)
- Large carry pouch included