Pelsue LifeGuard Fall Protection System

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$4,420.00 - $5,011.00
75.00 LBS

Product Overview

The Pelsue LifeGuard System is our flagship fall protection system for confined space operations.  
The LifeGuard System anchors hoists and SRLs for use in in fall protection and rescue while also acting as a barricade to guard from accidentally falling or slipping into the confined space. It can be deployed by a single person in minutes, making it an invaluable tool when every second counts. 
The LifeGuard can be placed around a manhole quickly and easily where its durable structural grade aluminum and steel construction prevents workers from getting too close. Safety chains allow easy access to the manhole.  
When deployed, the system is compact, 3.5’x3.5’ (LG5A) or 4’x4’(LG5X), ideal for situations where space is limited. The system easily collapses down into two different assemblies. A case is included for the upper assembly, making for convenient transport and storage. 
Dual Anchor points on the top of the assembly allow you to connect a hoist and SRL to the system simultaneously. Includes one hoist bracket and mounting plate. A secondary bracket is set up to allow quick installation for a secondary hoist or SRL. The upper and lower assembly are anchored together with flexible draw latches. All four feet are encased with rubber bottoms to prevent movement while in use.  
With its heavy-duty frame and both hoist and SRL attachments, the Pelsue LifeGuard System is the 3-in-1 fall protection and rescue solution you can count on when it matters most. 
The LifeGuard is made in Colorado and meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI standards.  
Hoist not included.